Курсы Русского Языка как Иностранного

Grammar: video

Russian Pronouns

Pronouns by Maxim AchkasovThere are quite a few pronoun forms in Russian, so it is worthwhile to take some time to learn them. In the Russian pronouns section you can find four short video lessons on the forms and use of Russian pronouns.

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Russian Cases

Russian Cases by Maxim AchkasovIn Russian language the nouns, adjectives and verbs change their forms by getting distinctive endings, depending on the role they are playing in the sentence. Such forms are called cases: nominative, genitive, dative, accusative, instrumental, and prepositional.

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Russian Possessives

Russian Possessives by Maxim AchkasovThere are three genders in Russian language: masculine, feminine and neuter. Each of them has a different ending on the possessive pronoun and a distinctive ending on the plural form of Russian pronouns.

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